The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager is a suite of three EUV telescopes that will fly onboard the Solar Orbiter mission and will observe the Sun in four bandpasses.
The suite is equipped with a single-band and a dual-band High Resolution Imager, that will observe the Sun at high spatial resolution and cadence, along with a dual-band Full Sun Imager that will continuously monitor the Sun.

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11th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 11th EUI consortium meeting will take place at PMOD, starting the 12th March and finishing on 14th March, 2013.
  • 1st day:
    • Science & technical splinters
  • 2d day:... [more]
5th Solar Orbiter Workshop
The 5th Solar Orbiter Workshop will take place in Brugge, Belgium, from Monday September 13 to Thursday September 13, 2012.
Friday September 14 will be dedicated to a Science Working Team (SWT) meeting.
The worksh... [more]